Creating Your Personal Power Field

Mastering Alchemy Level 1 Course  (Wayzata, Minnesota)

Jeannie Hamm was a featured speaker at the Fargo Holistic Expo

Saturday & Sunday, June 4 & 5, 2016 | 2 Day Intensive in Wayzata, Minnesota
JEANNIE HAMM: Creating Your Personal Power Field


I am excited to announce my Course Offerings for 2016. 

This year I will be teaching two courses: Creating Your Personal Power Field (which is Mastering Alchemy 1) and Structuring the Universe, which is my own course I have developed, and which is a complementary course to Mastering Alchemy.

A Little About My Background–After years of various fulfilling spiritual practices, I discovered Mastering Alchemy in 2008. It opened me to exponential growth, fostering a curiosity and excitement that unlocked a treasure chest of passion and perspective.

An Exciting Journey of Discovery for You–One of my greatest gifts is the ability to make learning “come alive.” 

Every student enters a unique doorway to understanding and integration. It’s my privilege to facilitate an exciting journey of discovery for you.

Sacred Geometry & Spiritual Tools–Mastering Alchemy utilizes sacred geometry and other spiritual tools to change the frequency of thought, alter the harmonics of matter and apply the elements of Love to create a desired result.

Mastering Alchemy Was Founded by Jim SelfI am honored to be among the first generation of Mastering Alchemy teachers. The program was generated through founder Jim Self, assisted by various Archangels and multidimensional Masters. I have thoroughly enjoyed my six years of personal apprenticeship and advanced training.

Mastering Alchemy, a modern day Mystery School, provides practical tools and a step-by-step pathway for preparing the physical body, together with its surrounding energy bodies, for ascension into expanded awareness and higher dimensional living in our shifting world.

As an instructor for Level 1 of Mastering Alchemy and also now for my own Structuring the Universe course, it would be my honor to be your guide and companion as we transition back to the heart of the Creator!


Jeannie Hamm

Jeannie Hamm is featured on the cover of the Feb. 2015 issue of the Edge Magazine

Jeannie Hamm, of Ascension Spirit, teaches her students ways to navigate life more effortlessly and joyfully, in the midst of all of the vast changes taking place within themselves and around the planet. Her path, like that of many spiritual teachers, was realized in response to personal challenges in life.

“I had a major health challenge in my late twenties and thirties, and that led me to alternative medicine, which opened up an amazing number of avenues for me to explore understanding. My illness was an Epstein-Barr chronic fatigue condition that I had for seven years, and I came to understand it as an energetic outgrowth of some emotional issues that I needed to deal with. So I began exploring the Barbara Brennan school and other hands-on healing techniques and alternative therapies.

“I just decided at a certain point to stop monkeying around and really get busy with what I feel I came here to do, which was to raise my consciousness level to the highest possible level that I could achieve. I did that for two reasons: for my own personal growth, and because it contributes to the collective. Everybody’s consciousness contributes to the collective, so when you do it for yourself, you do it for the Collective. Personal growth is 100 percent service to others.”

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